Colour Club is a fully equipped printing house providing in all aspects of printing services. We are well-reputed printers in the field of offset print production. People rely on us due to our fare commitment and fast services. We have worldwide client’s who always rely on us and recommend our services to others. We always believe in client’s satisfaction and one promise. 

We have the arrangement and able to provide all print production jobs from start to finish under one roof. We have friendly staff who deals with our customers and give the best suitable and economical advice for them. We always keep ourself updated with the latest technology available in the printing market and will be used to produce the best products.

Graphic Design

Usually, the first step to start a new print production project is to create some designs. Our graphic design department has the latest computers with current versions of designing software installed and laser printers to print out the designs. Our designing team which consists of composers, calligrapher and a graphic designer can create designs due to clients instructions and print out design to clear their ideas. We never mind to revised any design unless our client is satisfied. Once the design process is completed the project is sent to prepress.


Prepress is a term used primarily in the digital printing industry. It defines all the processes that occur after a graphic designer has created a design file until it is ready for printing. Except checking and verifying the design file for format, fonts and resolution also includes making of graphic films and metal plate.

Our Prepress technicians take print or electronic files and scan or import them into specialised software, making colour, text, and digital image corrections as needed. They set up printing presses to produce film, plate or electronic proofs.


This process also called litho printing or offset printing have a major role in print production. Our highly skilled machine operators install litho plates on the printing cylinder of high speed 1/2 colour automatic printing machine which can produce thousands of prints with an hour.


This is the last step in the print production work. In this process, our expert team do all necessary work including die making, die cutting, cutting, binding, quality control, counting the product before handling a complete job to our client’s. 


We have a photographic lab and expert photographer to shoot photographs for bedsheet cover insert cards. Inset card is one of the products which we produce on our client’s demand. We can be hired by anyone who is interested in any product photography. We have complete bedsheet display environment which can be used to produce different styles of photographs.